Monday, 30 November 2009

Wax 'hearts'

Been casting in wax, porcelain, and white earthenware but here are the wax ones from a couple of weeks ago. They are more fragile than they look! Burnt myself a few times but they came out alright. Need to make a metal base and post to display them. Will go into welding bay tomorrow and have a go (hopefully - after essay is handed in!). Might try displaying on hand made silk pillow. Will try both.
The blue one is parrafin wax and (I think,) a thin layer of microcrystalline wax on the inside. The red one is just paraffin wax, which is why it's much more fragile.
The mould has held up pretty well considering I've been casting in wax and slip!
The mould I made after this one (not pictured - more 'feotal'), didn't work out so well! Still working on it though, I'll update when I've got more to show.

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