Sunday, 13 December 2009

Fixing the broken 'heart'..

One of the 'hearts' got broken by accident, but sometimes accidents produce interesting new forms..
Sanded it down a bit and drilled holes around the opening with a 3mm drill bit, ready to sew it up after firing, or to sew an appendage on - whichever fits the bill when it comes to it..
The glaze ended up filling some of the holes, and has sealed them with golden metallic 'plugs'.
I found that I'm more interested in the openings and cave-like structure of the forms, than the forms themselves, so will concentrate on the 'vessel' and dissecting things, cutting into the form and splitting it apart, in future objects to be made..
The reflectiveness of the glaze is not apparent in these photographs, but in the flesh you can see a distorted reflection in the centre.
Might fire the shards that remain of the rest of the heart at a later stage, but at the moment I don't feel they are intrinsic to the piece as it is now.

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