Monday, 14 December 2009

Gloopy tail chasing foetuses are out

They came out pretty good I think! The pewter metallic glaze dripped onto the kiln shelf - remember to put more sand on the shelf to catch it next time.
Been looking into mixing own glazes with manganese dioxide, copper oxide etc. These glazes do not have a flux (glass) in the glaze so therefore should technically not stick to the kiln shelf, but should use props just in case.
Put the middle sized foetus in the small kiln today and will glaze with metallic glaze or black glaze, depending on how the sample of the manganese oxide one comes out. It should look like bronze! The iron in the red clay gives it that bronze/golden look. So, painted on teracotta clay, it would look more bronze/gold, and by using less or more of the ground red clay in the oxide mixture, it will affect the end result of the glazed piece.
Thinking of displaying these on white satin or silk cloth.

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