Sunday, 13 December 2009

Foetal forms

Interested in things out of proportion, that come from the body. Things you cannot usually see, so imagination takes over and produces these forms. They look like they can breathe, move and grow, like any other living creature.
Made a two part mould again with a pour hole, the same as the 'heart' mould. The hole is much more of a regular shape than the ones in the 'hearts', so made it bigger purposely. Looks like a whale mouth!
They are both slip cast in white earthenware, one glazed with P0135 English Pewter Metallic 500MIs, and the other with P0018 Mirror Black Semi Transparent. Fired at 1040 degrees. Waiting to see what they come out like on Monday!
Interested in casting these in glass wax, and putting 'eggs' inside. But need to use a silicone mould, and that is expensive! Need to do more research on that before I go ahead and buy all the materials.
They will be displayed in the formation shown above, on silk. They appear to be eating each other, or chasing each other's tails. Circle of life?

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