Friday, 5 February 2010

Bronze casting the placenta.

Signed up for the bronze casting workshop and used this as an opportunity to cast this piece, to address issues of craftsmanship and value and how this relates to my work. The piece won't be completed til mid-March. Does this put a higher value on the crafted object? Not just in a monetary sense, but in terms of labour, time, care and consideration put into the piece. This is the wax cast of the object before the investment process. It will go through a range of different processes before becoming the finished, polished, bronze piece. I will be producing a diary to document the process from the initial stages to the finished result. I have left the 'flute' at the top of the wax cast to make it more of a vessel shape. This differs from the slip cast ceramic versions I have made where I have purposely made a hole at the top of the piece to make it more cave-like.

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