Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Large installation update..

In between casting the 'placenta' in bronze, working for an artist on a barge, and trying to source somewhere to slump my glass puddles, I have been (slowly) progressing with the installation I've been working on. The general layout is shown in the first photograph. I have cut into some of the stalagmites purposefully to show their fragility, as they are hollow and it reveals how thin they are. I have fired them low to create a crackle in the glaze which also makes them look fragile and delicate. The bottom photo shows them painted with bright gold lustre in an unfired state. I will be leaving some of the stalagmites plain and show them in a group together on the floor. Have been looking at artists that work with bone china, as this material is well known for its fragility and translucency, which are properties I am looking to incorporate in my work to realise my ideas.

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